NH Global Rewards Plan - Details



This bonus is paid to the rewards immediately and available on your wallet to use after 7 days of the order.

This is an instant reward for members that share their own store link with others. Every time your referral places an order, you are rewarded. Bonus goes between 12-18% for Level 1 members and between 6-10 % for Level 2 members based on your current Direct Order Bonus Tier Level.

Please pay attention to the fact that this bonus is paid on EVERY ORDER and not just on the first order of your members!


Your Tier level is calculated by summing up:


* Your personal purchases in the last 30 days and

* Your Level 1 members purchases in the last 30 days


Tier levels: 



Your Tier level is calculated each day for the past 30 days of activity in your community and can vary from day to day. 


Example: You placed your personal order for 60 eur one week ago and you also had 5 personally sponsored members orders in the last 30 days with a total orders amount of 560 eur between these 5 members. That means your Direct Orders Bonus Tier for today is 60 eur + 560 eur = 620 eur. This means you are in Tier 2 Bonus today and any other day going forward as long as total personal and personally sponsored members orders in the last 30 days are higher than 499 eur. Any order from your personally sponsored members within your Tier 2 status will give you 15% Level 1 Direct Order Bonus.  



* Any member that is enrolled in a sharing rewards program(Participant or above) is eligible for this bonus. Personal purchase is not a condition for member to receive their Level 1 Bonus

* To receive Level 2 Bonus, a member has to be ranked Partner or above. See the rank requirements below for more details.