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NH Social Media 30-Day Game Plan Workshop

NH Social Media

Take your social media skills to the next level by mastering the basics(Course 1) and going straight into action(this course). This is the second course from our Social Media Mastery series and requires from you that before buying this course you enroll AND complete Course 1(NH Social Media Basics Workshop). Our goal is to set you properly and give you proper value on your way to success, that is why we do not allow you to start with Course 2 until you learned Course 1.

*You won’t be able to enroll unless you already got your Basics Social Media course.

Get a game plan for your first 30 days of social media action

Invest in YOUR knowledge

Everything you need to take ACTION



  • 8 Modules with lessons
  • Video lessons
  • Special 30 Day Game Plan workbook included
  • 72 hours recording access
  • Option to get lifetime access

Common Questions

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, known public person or just someone who wants to level up your social media presence and skills? This course is made for ANYONE that want to learn proven strategies and examples on HOW to take ACTION with a specific 30-Day GAME PLAN.

NO. Unfortunately(or fortunately, however you want to take it 🤓) we care more about your experience and satisfaction than just having you enroll for us to sell the course. We strongly believe that house cannot be build from the second floor up, it first needs ground floor and proper foundation. That is the very reason WHY we do not let you to take this course until you are able to take time and study our Basics Social Media Course.

Our primary language is English, however, since we are a very diversed and multi-national community, more and more of our courses are being translated into multiple languages. Check the main page of the course to see the latest available translations.

There are multiple important factors when it comes to results. The easiest to understand is to use the saying “Rome was not built in a day”. When you study and use the principles it is important to set your goals and keep your focus. Most of the time the things you have done today and in the last few days will take some time until they will bring the results you might be expecting. Social Media is like having an empty lot of land, first, you need to have the land(having your social profiles), then you have to prepare and set the right foundation, plant the seeds and take care of the basics(this is what you learn in our Course 1) and then you have to keep nourishing and waiting for the seeds to start growing. You will rip the harvest in few weeks or months if you keep taking proper steps.

Our mission is to serve people and add value to their life. If you love the content and would like to give value to your family and friends in your community, we have a special option for that. You can become one of our Brand Partners and share it with others. While doing that you can also earn some extra rewards while helping others to become better, level up and learn new skills.

If you have any more questions, our Customer Care at is always here for you to help you.

NH Social Media Basics Workshop

Course Description

This is a foundation course on Social Media Basics. Before you build a home, you have to build a proper foundation and this is what this 4+ hours course is all about. How to become recognizable on Social Media.

Key concepts covered include:

In this course, you will go through 8 Modules where each Module focusing on a different important topic to build your basic knowledge and skills about Social Media.